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Misconceptions about Reiki Treatment

It is important for the recipient to understand how Reiki treatment is given with hands-on method. It is a simple but powerful process and is usually done with the recipient lying down on a treatment table or a comfortable couch, fully clothed. If necessary, recipient can also be covered with a sheet of cloth or a blanket during cold weather. No equipment, rubbing, pressing, pulling or massage etc. is involved. The practitioner simply and gently places his hands on the recipient’s head, front of the body, back, knees and feet etc. and channels the Reiki energy through these points. This enables the energy to flow right to the source of the problem and carry out healing.

It is not like surgery to be performed by a group of doctors with lot of medical equipment around. It is also not like a stage drama or a magician’s show. A Reiki treatment session does not require mysterious atmosphere or gestures. I have come across persons who expect the Reiki practitioner to be a mysterious person with supernatural powers who should do strange things like a magician. When this expectation is not met, and they see the practitioner standing normally with his/her hands on the body of the recipient and doing nothing else, they feel disappointed and do not turn up for the second session. They need to understand that Reiki practitioners’ hands do not transmit 440 volts electric power. It is a gentle energy that flows and works its own way but if you try to tell them what it is and how it works, disappointment can be clearly seen on their faces or felt in their tones over the phone. Such are the people who don’t trust simple techniques and feel very happy if things are dramatized for them. This is not the right approach. Before asking for Reiki treatment, they should understand the system and straighten up their expectations.

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