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Likes and Dislikes

Likes and dislikes are part of human psychology. Everyone is free to for an opinion about something and like or dislike what suits him. At times we agree with opinion of others but at times we don’t. It is because everyone has his or her own views; we have ours and they have theirs. The problem arises when we develop strong liking or disliking (or even hatred) for someone. If a person is disliked, many people tend to disagree with everything that he or she says but if they like someone, they try to elevate the person to whatever level that suits them. Such likes and dislikes may have several reasons.

Everyone around us has his or her own individual thought pattern, which might not always be very palatable for others. It is not mandatory for others to agree or disagree with everyone or anyone. People have their own priorities and they work for their cause whatever that might be while we work for ours. In case of disagreement, one need not feel provoked to unleash a stream of unhealthy criticism. Unfortunately, at times people become bitter and even unethical in their disagreement using language that cannot be called worthy of a decent person. This only multiplies the bitterness and gives birth to unnecessary anger which might stay for quite some time even while sitting alone or watching the TV. This is an unnecessary battle that often goes on in our own mind without the other person being even aware of it. I do not endorse this approach because I don’t think the life is meant to create enmities and fight meaningless battles of likes and dislikes.

It is important to remember that hidden or persistent anger is extremely harmful and not only affects the health but also attracts negative energy that blocks many good things coming to us. There is no point in feeling disturbed over what others believe. Their likes and dislikes are theirs, not yours. So, what I recommend is listen, analyze, sift and then ignore what is not important to you or you don’t like. Give importance to what matters to you screening out the rest of it. This will keep you comparatively calm, relaxed and composed. Not being angry is also one of the precepts of Reiki. You may like to read the about importance of Reiki Precepts.

And finally, it might be useful to remember that none is responsible for the opinion of others. Try to correct the person if you can but if you cannot; don’t tax your nerves. However, if it affects you directly, you may like to find an answer to “why so” and then see if something needs to be modified.

likes and dislikes should not trigger indecency or enmity