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Life Will Go On

God created the human beings and countless other species and we all know that capabilities of every creation are not the same. Even within specie, physical and mental abilities of everyone are different. So is the case with human beings – we are all different to each other; every one of us is unique. Not only our abilities but also the likes and dislikes greatly vary. It is because God did not and does not give everything to everyone. This results in countless variations and development on our planet. If everyone had everything, the life on our planet would have come to a halt; none working for others; none helping anyone and none listening to others. There would have been no factories, no inventions, no roads, no books, no schools and nothing else too. Life goes on because all humans are different to each other in every way and every ability but have role in development. We need to see what is our contribution in development.

Nature developed our planet and then gradually handed it over to us. We as human beings are responsible for not just our own personal development but also the maintenance and further development of where we live, from where we get everything we need for our survival including food, clothing, shelter and medicines. Nature continues to do its job, we have to do ours.

Every human being has a purpose. One needs to explore the purpose and utilize the given abilities to contribute to development at both personal and collective level without bothering about who has more or who has less. We need to do our part and do it well, as the Nature demands. This is how our world is meant to develop and this how we can meet our purpose of life. If we fail to do so, our planet will still develop and the life will still go on… but without our contribution.