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Is receiving Reiki attunements enough?

When we learn to do something, it is only a beginning NOT an end or ultimate. It requires lot of work after learning the basics. For example, one does not become a great painter by just learning to hold the brush. So is the case with Reiki. Just the attunements do not make a person a good Reiki healer.

Attunements are the beginning, not an end in themselves. They only open the door towards the world of healing. If you have received Reiki attunement, you have only learned to use your healing ability like learning to hold the brush and is not the ultimate – there is lot of work ahead. So, practice it as frequently as possible, use it for yourself and others. It is a great healing tool in your hands. Do it regularly with passion to see the results. Please remember that it is only the use that makes a good Reiki healer.

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