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Is Real Happiness Possible?

It is now well known fact that our thoughts create realities for us. What we generate around ourselves depends mainly on how we think, what we speak and how we conduct ourselves. Our attitude and behavior generates vibrations of low or high frequencies that ultimately transform themselves into physical, emotional or mental symptoms and appear as health or disease, calmness or depression, pleasantness or ill temperedness, good or bad relationships, various kinds of troubles and losses or gains and so on. At times overall atmosphere of the society also creates unhappiness but right now we are discussing for what we are responsible directly and if real happiness is possible.

Human nature is such that total positivity is almost impossible. We err here and there and produce results that have unhappiness associated with them. So some kind of unhappiness of lesser or greater magnitude stays as part of life. This brings us to the conclusion that practically total (or real, so to say) happiness is only theoretical. Nevertheless we can always make conscious effort to minimize the worries, which means enhancing the happiness. Positive changes at the conscious level generate the vibrations of higher frequency, which lead to mental satisfaction and better quality of life. This is where realization of realities and determination to be calm and relaxed play their role. If you are realistic, you will be more practical and less worried than others. In other words you can be happier than the others by being realistic. Remember that no body can have everything; it is against the law of nature. Take your worries, if you think they are so, as part of life and laugh them out. Don’t start living with them. You can do it, if you want to. Simply try to be happy with what you have; don’t worry yourself about what you don’t have. Try to be content, calm and relaxed. Reiki can also help you in doing so. All that you need is a regular self-treatment session once a day. If you can manage it, you would soon feel positive changes automatically taking place in your thought pattern and your life as a whole.