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Interdependence and Mutual Help

We are all interdependent and mutual help is practically unavoidable. Someone might feel independent of few persons around but factually no human being is or can be totally independent of everyone but at times this fact is forgotten. Some people are overwhelmed by their wealth and the resources and look down upon others. They think that since they have plenty, they do not and would never need anyone’s help and that it is only others who would look up to them. They are either shy of helping others or stop it all together due to a grossly wrong notion that they don’t need anyone.

Non-helpful attitude might be due to several other causes like paucity of resources, indifference, selfishness or snobbish behavior etc. but helping someone doesn’t mean giving millions to the needy. It applies even to opening a door for someone or offering a glass of water. It is important because the fact is that no human being has been designed to live forever or be totally independent of others.

It can be easily noticed that as compared to an intellectual shy of helping the fellow human beings, a person with average intelligence and mental abilities but helpful to everyone even with his meager resources enjoys much more respect and remains at peace. Helpful attitude has lots of integral benefits.

Every sane person knows that he will die one day. So both intelligence and wisdom demand that death must never be forgotten. It is a reality and one should believe it not by just word of mouth but be sure of it. This belief only can bring positive changes in the thought pattern and make a person helpful. It must never be forgotten that human being needs others even after his death for burial and prayers. So if we are all interdependent, mutual help must go on to whatever degree one can manage.

mutual help is invaluable wisdom