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Intelligence and Wisdom

Being intelligent is one thing but being considerate is another.
Consideration comes through understanding of realities, which can only be realized by the wise.
Wisdom comes through ups and downs of life, not through reading the books alone.
Being intelligent is one thing but being wise is another.

Intelligence is commonly associated with good memory. An intelligent person has the ability to quickly understand the techniques, intricacies and complications. It is however, not necessary that an intelligent person would be considerate as well. He might even be totally opposite.

A considerate person on the other hand might have an average IQ level but has the ability to accommodate others, appreciate their difficulties and feel their feelings. He or she is mostly helpful to others, wherever and whenever he/she can, even without expecting compensation in any form. This virtue develops through realization of a multitude of realities including the most important one that we are all human beings, interdependent and none of us would live forever. The considerate person has, in most cases, already passed through varying ups and downs of life and knows that life is neither a bed of roses nor a blanket of thorns and that everyone has limitations of whatever nature. He/She also knows that none can be absolutely independent of the fellow human beings. We all need some kind of help at one stage or the other in our lives; we all need each other. I call it wisdom.

My understanding therefore, is that it is the wisdom that makes a person superior to an intelligent person who might be quite different in nature. A truly considerate person is considerate towards everyone, not just the chosen few. So, being wise is one thing and being intelligent is another. There are of course those who are intelligent as well as wise. They are the blessed ones.

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  1. I wanted to add one thing, There is always a difference between knowing a path and walking a path. Knowing a path is just information and walking a path is the knowledge in my opinion. And value of knowledge is much higher than information.

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