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Importance of Reiki Precepts and Basic Ethics

All the religions, cultures and societies of the world have at least one thing in common, that is the basic ethics. Dr. Mikao Usui listed out five out of those that he thought the most important ones and called them "Reiki Precepts". He very rightly attached lot of value to them and insisted that everyone must practice them in daily life. Those are basic human values and I cannot over emphasize the importance of Reiki precepts.

Reiki precepts also called principles are meant to be made part of life, not to be recited just for academic purposes. I have noticed that when I teach my First Degree classes and explain the importance of Reiki precepts, I clearly notice sort of disinterest on many faces. Unfortunately, a large number of Reiki practitioners don’t care to follow, let alone the non-practitioners. These are taught as a matter of routine without proper explanation and emphasis just because Dr. Usui taught them. Actually, those precepts are the basis of decency in any culture but now majority gives them very little or no priority at all. I particularly see that people want to treat their elders as equals even if the elder is of their father or mother’s age. They feel shy of addressing even their teachers as properly whereas a teacher must always be addressed as “Sir or Madam” even if he/she is half the age of the student.

Nearly so is the case with other precepts. They are ignored as if they were something useless. It must not be forgotten that practicing the ethics generates positive energy whereas the opposite path produces opposite results. Young learn from the old. Those not interested in respecting the elders should not expect their youngsters to respect them because this is how the nature works. What you send comes back to you. So choose your path correctly.

For a Reiki healer, importance of Reiki precepts cannot be over emphasized


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