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Human Wisdom and Logic

Human wisdom in not unlimited. It works within bounds and tries to create its own logic which is mostly based on information sought through five physical senses. Anything that does not meet the criteria of physical senses needs different kind of perception. There are countless things which are mystery to us even with incredible advancement in scientific knowledge because science believes in proofs, mathematical formulas and laws of physics etc. but does not support matters that do not fall within its range.

Philosophers have discussed the subject of human wisdom for thousands of years and have defined it in their own ways. Generally, human wisdom can be categorized in two nearly interdependent categories, namely, logical wisdom and intuitive wisdom. We use the first one to decide various matters in our day-to-day life but go wrong quite frequently because human logic is not and cannot be perfect. However, somehow we tend to trust it more due to concept of "Seeing is believing".

Second category is the "intuitive wisdom" but most of us do not practice to think intuitively. Even if we do, there is always an element of doubt in its accuracy. "How is it possible" is a common question that frequently comes to our minds, which sort of compels us to fall back on "logical wisdom". Fact of the matter is that reality of something might be different to how that appears to us and how our five senses perceive it. There is an old saying, "Everything that glitters is not gold", which explains this aspect.

There are lots of things that need to be believed without scientific proof. For example, when we pray for someone dead, we believe that it would do good to him but we cannot prove it by our logical wisdom. It is our "intuitive wisdom" that tells us that it would. So as long as we depend on "logical wisdom", our knowledge remains limited but when we learn to use our "intuitive wisdom", we expand ourselves beyond matter and physical means and learn the mysteries of the universe that are otherwise hidden to science. Some people are born with this ability but majority has to acquire it. Give a try, if you wish to. Try to practice meditation on regular basis to activate or improve your "intuitive wisdom".

Intuitive wisdom is superior to logical wisdom. Develop your intuitive wisdom through meditation