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Human Impatience

Human being is very impatient by nature. He wants quick results for everything and while doing so, very frequently ignores the realities and the laws of nature. Rather than being patient, he strives to pursue the wrong line to achieve the results over-night and thus multiplies his anxiety. The questions is, “Can impatience speed up the results?”

Look at the trees. Do they grow and become tall and mature over night? No, they don’t. Bridges and buildings take time in construction. It depends on how big is the project. Even the human being does not become adult overnight.
Similarly, take the example of anything. You would notice that things take time to mature and become fruitful. Why then be crazy and tax the nerves for something that cannot be? I somewhere read something very interesting: “God give me patience but please hurry”. That is how we want the things to happen.

For a while, just think of what impatience does. It makes you tense taxing your nerves. That tension then translates itself to physical weariness and more often than not, it keeps your mood off making you irritable. The chain goes on and on. If the impatience and anxiety continue for long, it would be telling on general health, efficiency and even the relationships in a way. So, don’t you think it is time to redesign your thought pattern and be calm and realistic? Answer it for yourself.