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Happiness: Socializing vs Solitude

Bertrand Russell has mentioned the importance of solitude in Chapter 4 of his book "The Conquest of Happiness" and has mentioned few names of great thinkers who after working a lot in their life preferred to stay at home rather than socializing and that is when they became happier. He wrote this book in the beginning of last century, first published in 1930.

Anyone could differ with Bertrand Russell and there could be various views on socializing and keeping in contact with the people around. I don’t think there is a definite rule for socializing or staying in solitude. How much of it should be done varies from person to person depending on lifestyle, requirement of the job or business and several other factors. It is purely a person decision. Cutting out all the links and staying in solitude is a decision not easy to make but probably at some stage of life, one likes to devote more time to his own self rather than going around and meeting the people to just pass the time. If the purpose is to divert the attention and get rid of anxiety, in my opinion, it might give very temporary relief and add more of it after the session.

Solitude is of immense importance to those who want to perform some intellectual work without any kind of distraction or disturbance. There are those who want to live happily and thus refrain from socializing because that only generates the spirit and instinct of competition leading to unhappiness. Solitude would also be required if the person wants to look inside self because it is the stillness, silence and contemplation that open the doors towards spiritualism and happiness. So, one should be clear in mind about the purpose and then choose between socialization and solitude, and its degree of course.

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