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Glamour Vs Simplicity

Glamour is more attractive than simplicity. Nearly everyone seems drawn to it. People want to look better than others, have everything more than others and live better life than others in general. They want to show others that they are better human beings, which is not always true.

Glamour does not come the easy way – one has to work for it. It entails plenty of "extra hard work" unless one is borne with a golden spoon in mouth. There is nothing free in this world. To be glamorous, one has to pay for it with the currency that varies from person to person. Extra hard work might increase health risks, which is a big cost. Sickness and glamour do not go side by side. To meet the cost of glamour, at times people compromise on ethics, which is not a small cost either. Craze for glamour makes them change their lifestyle and usually pose what they are actually not. This is yet another form of negativity. The whole aim is to impress others and think that glamour would bring them happiness but, does it? Would such lifestyle bring real happiness and satisfaction? Is it not more ego oriented?

Simplicity on the other hand, is a much easier and simpler lifestyle and much closer to nature. One does not have to run around trying to earn to meet non essential requirements. There is no need to be artificial, one can easily work according to one’s conscience and be happy. Simplicity is more likely to lead to true happiness.

Simplicity might be considered troublesome by some but glamour is always more troublesome. To glamorize the lifestyle, one has to look after and manage too many things and thus overburden the nerves while simplicity on the other hand, does not require much to be managed. Glamour could possibly be essential part of certain professions, which is is ok but one should not chase it just because someone else looks impressive. One should analyze the prose and cons of both. Which one of the two is then chosen is purely a personal decision.

Remember that glamour is materialistic, simplicity is spiritual. For glamour, we pay the world; for simplicity, the universe pays us in shape of peace, happiness, tranquility and much more. What deal we strike is our choice.

If you treat yourself with Reiki regularly on daily basis, you would gradually and naturally begin to understand the realities and become more rational in your decisions and lifestyle.

Simple life is easier to live while glamour entails many problems