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From Birth to Death (Cry to Silence)

The period what we call life is the period from birth to death. Birth and death are two ends of life, the two extremes. One end is the beginning and other end is the end. If you think of it, you would find that the human being is helpless at both extremes. Every child is born as a helpless creature. There is nothing that he can do himself except crying. He cannot eat with his own hands, cannot clean himself and cannot even hold his head up leave alone moving around. When he is born, he does not bring even a thread of clothes, not a penny with him. He is totally at the mercy of others for everything, for all his needs. He comes to a new world with extreme helplessness, which continues for years. As he grows, the helplessness diminishes. He gradually becomes independent and starts doing what he likes without paying conscious attention to his beginning and the other end of life.

During lifetime, the person strives and struggles to achieve self-decided goals. He looks after his health and does everything within his means to live as long as possible but finally, no matter what he does, one day he reaches the other end of the life, the death, the silence. That is when all his human needs, demands, and desires are gone. His capabilities to earn, command others, snatch from others, all his claims and demands, boasting around and everything that he could do when alive end up. All that he had earned by whatever means is no longer his. He cannot carry his wealth with him. He becomes far more helpless than when he was born. Now he cannot even cry like he did when he was born.

During our lifetime, we hardly pay much attention to what we do. We only keep our needs and desires in mind and run around to meet those. We all know that one day we will die, everyone does, yet we keep the other end of life at the back of our mind and live as if we will never die. In the name of freedom of expression we say what we like and try to take full advantage of everything in the name of human rights and personal freedom. If we ever look back at our lives and what all we had been doing, we conclude that we only ran between the two extremes, from first extreme to the second extreme, from cradle to the grave, from cry to silence. That is what our life is; journey from one end to the other, from birth to death. Most of us don’t do what we should, what our Creator wanted us to do. We become slaves of our own ego and desires and that is where we go wrong. Granted that needs and desires are part of life and meeting the needs is essential for survival but letting the desires take priority over needs generates unrest, anxiety and at times drives the person away from ethics. Factually even kings cannot meet all their desires. So, it would be wise to review our conduct now, before it is too late, before we can no longer even cry. Remember that all the energies that we have are borrowed, to be given back one day. If you decide positively, do it today, now, because tomorrow never comes. When it comes, it comes as today.

This life is not forever. Be careful in what you do and how you prepare for next life