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Freedom and Laws

There are two sides of freedom: freedom at individual level and at community or national level. At the individual level one can adopt lifestyle of choice but it cannot be done at the community and national level; one has to follow national laws. At the individual level one can have plenty of freedom but at the community level, there is no freedom without the law. Even in nature, laws govern everything; nothing is without it.

If freedom crosses the bounds of law, the result will be rowdiness. Take the example of laws against social crimes or traffic laws. If just for few days all the traffic signals are closed, speed limit is removed and people are given the liberty to drive and park as they likes, can you imagine what will happen? There shall be countless accidents, severe traffic jams and fights on the road. One would be hardly able to reach anywhere safely on time. There shall be a total chaos. Similarly consider any situation you like and visualize what would happen to the community.

Similarly, freedom of expression without decency and limits is wrong. I don’t like the term "freedom of expression" because it is grossly misused. There are many around the world who wittingly use indecent expressions against other persons and communities and create lot of bitterness that is totally unnecessary and doesn’t add to anyone’s prestige.

This is why I say that there is no freedom without the law. Freedom must remain within the bounds of law.

Freedom without law is rowdiness; freedom of expression without decency and limits is wickedness. Laws at community level must be strictly implemented

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