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Achieving Success – Foggy Future

Almost every one of us has traveled through fog one time or the other. Here is how it goes.

While we are on the road, we can see only limited portion of the road ahead. We cannot see as far as we can during clear weather but as we travel, we keep finding the way and keep traveling. For as long as we are traveling, we concentrate on driving without looking sideways or switching to side roads. The traveling speed is slower but we are sure that we will make it simply because we know there is road ahead. That gives us the confidence that we will successfully wade through and reach the destination. This is what achieving success means. Those who turn back and cancel the journey, obviously do not make it.

Nearly similar is the case with future but somewhat different to traveling in fog on a physical road. We know where the physical road leads to but we are not sure of what lies for us in the future. At times we are uncertain of what would come next and so call it foggy future. We have desires and hopes but without being sure of how the future will unfold itself. We travel a path but do not always reach the destination for several reasons. Similar to traveling on the road, we need to follow certain steps in mind and understand how it works. It is very important that first we decide on where we want to be, then choose the correct path, not let the mind side-track, concentrate on efforts and keep going with confidence. As you move ahead, the events will unfold themselves favorably; you will see the way through the fog and God will lead you to your destination. Changing the goals halfway, losing patience or becoming doubtful of success are counter productive factors. Be sure to eliminate them. Go on with confidence, stay focused and remain anchored to hope. If somehow you do not achieve your desired goal, Nature will reward you with what is better for you. Trust yourself, have faith in God and keep going doing your best. You will start seeing clear future rather than foggy future.