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Feeling Spirit Guides

Much has been written in books and on Internet about working with spirit guides, angels, Reiki guides or what you may call them. Various exercises and procedures to contact them have also been written out. This arouses both curiosity and doubts in certain minds particularly those who read about them for the first time. In this article I do not intend discussing their reality or concept and would rather try to clarify a misunderstanding about feeling their presence.

In my Reiki classes I have had students, particularly females who not only already knew about guides but had also been working with them, as they said. I have no reason not to believe them. That reveals a fact that Reiki attunement or practice is not mandatory to be in contact with spirit guides. It mainly depends on spiritual development and mental sensitivity of a person and is independent of Reiki.

Basic purpose of Reiki is personal development that includes not just the physical side but also the spiritual side but it doesn’t come automatically with attunement; one has to work for it. If a Reiki healer feels the presence of guides, it is perfectly fine but if someone doesn’t, that is fine too. To function at a higher level or use Reiki effectively, it is not necessary to feel or see the guides. The absence of awareness about them doesn’t by any means make a person poor Reiki healer. So continue your Reiki work with passion and don’t worry about guides or no guides. They will appear, if they have to, at the appropriate time.