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Expectations of Others

Most of us worry about what others think of us and try to live up to the expectations of others particularly our boss, parents, spouse, friends and those who matter to us because nearly all of them expect us to act their way. By doing so, we fight a battle against our own selves that goes on and on but is it really required and possible to meet expectations of everyone?

Mostly our needs govern our actions and efforts and we become slaves of unexplained circumstances. While trying to please others, we generally forget what we actually want to be and unknowingly in a way distort our personalities and let our true talents remain undiscovered or unused. We seldom find time for ourselves and almost never dream of developing ourselves to what we actually should be. At the end of the day, we are left with few pieces of paper or metal called wealth, which had fascinated us all our lives. At that stage we are unable to bring back the time we spent in piling it up.

People are happy with us only as long as we meet their expectations and do what they want us to do but it is humanly impossible to please everyone. There will always be something that others will not like. God created the universe and gave countless bounties to human being but if you think of it, there are innumerable people unhappy with God. If everyone cannot be happy with God, how can everyone be happy with a human being who has lots of limitations and weaknesses too? If you go their way, they will be happy for a while (only) but if you don’t do what they want, they will quite frequently label you as persona non grata (unacceptable person).

So the question is what should be done. My answer is: do your best with sincerity, do not create problems for anyone, try to keep your conduct within the bounds of morality and ethics and finally, try not to do anything against your conscience. By doing this, if someone is displeased with you, don’t bother. Just go your way.

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  1. The old road is the most travelled road, but sometimes it is good to try a new path. It is liberating to find new directions, although in the beginning a bit lonely. One must certainly be part of a crowd, but not a slave to wrong company.

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