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Encouragement Vs Discouragement

Have you ever thought why the spectators buck up their players on the play field? It is because cheering up given encouragement and creates victorious feelings in the players. The lesson is that if a person is encouraged, his whole thought pattern changes. His talent and performance start shining leading him to victory not just on the play field but also in the race of life. He is sure to become a victorious. On the other hand if a person is discouraged or rebuked over and over again, he becomes shy, timid, loses confidence and shows poor performance. Such persons fail almost everywhere.

In some cultures, children are not encouraged the way they should be. Most of the parents want them to pursue a certain line of career and compel them to go to specific colleges and other training institutes. This compulsion curbs the inborn talents of the children blocking their optimum performance and hindering their true success in life. This is not being kind and helpful to the children; it is in fact the opposite and is discouragement in a way. If you want your child, a friend or another person to succeed in life, encourage him at every step or else be prepared not only to see his failure and ruin his career and life but also yours for sending negative thoughts and vibrations.

It is not about the children alone. It is about everyone and yourself too. Do not look down upon, blame or curse yourself. If you wish to succeed, encourage yourself everyday and be happy. At times we come across so-called well wishers in the habit of finding faults with others, discourage or intimidate them. They think they are perfect human beings and have a duty of criticizing others. Such friends are worse than enemies in the disguise of friendship even though they might not do so with the intention of harming you – they might do so just out of foolishness. Better stay away from such people and try to be with those who encourage you and see positive qualities in you rather than looking only at your weaknesses. Remember that encouragement is the key to success. Good luck!

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  1. All parents want the best for their children. Often, however, traditions and ingrained values, besides old fashioned raising techniques and philosophy passes on. At times, some of parenting goes wrong; children grow up with fears, instability, lack of ambition, and much more. These same children, have little sense of friendship. They have seen less of compassion, encouragement, even felt unimportant, they may have known more of ridicule, patronized parental values. A child whose smile is stolen early on in childhood, will never try harder or hard enough. The fear to fail, will never let any passion grow in him. . The same goes for friendships. Doing things together, having common activities, cracking jokes and laughing over mistakes creates a healthy will to try again. In society, people need to learn to be kinder more understanding, and patient. A positive push can never go wrong. And yes, we should not wait all our life, if we one feels that, somebody is not right in their behavior, we have to find other avenues to keep our spirit in tact. This could be a road alone in the beginning, but in time one finds one’s true direction.

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