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Effects of Reiki – Does Reiki Affect Everyone Equally?

Before this question is finally answered, let us have a look at some contributory factors. All human beings are not exactly similar like factory-made mechanical components. Except for the anatomy part, they are all unique and different in every way. So, the question is are the effects of Reiki same on everyone?

On the physical side, everyone has different body chemistry, health issues of varying patterns and stages. Two persons even with apparently the same disease are very likely to have different symptoms depending upon various medical, dietary and other physical factors and even the life style. On the mental side, everyone has unique thought pattern, habits, mental abilities, sensitivity, likes and dislikes, knowledge, experience and observations etc. When all these factors are put together, picture of everyone emerges differently and it can be easily understood that their response to Reiki energy is not and cannot be the same. Everyone’s body does not accept the energy alike. Therefore, results of Reiki treatment cannot be similar in all cases especially in the same time span. Some will respond earlier than others and their feelings during and after the treatment would also differ. Such difference however, does not mean that Reiki is good for some and bad for others. It is not a question of being good or bad but is a matter of variation from person to person and should not cause disappointment either on the healer’s side or recipient’s side.

Let the Reiki energy do its work with God given intelligence without attaching yourself with results and effects.