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Competition and Domination

Common human tendency is to enter in to competition with others and fight for supremacy over them. Competition on the play field is fine but is different to what I intend talking about in this short article.

Main objective of competition in practical life is to accumulate wealth, enhance social status and gain power. There are other aspects too but main focus goes to these three things. This struggle and competition goes on and on and never ends because human being does not feel fully satisfied at any stage. The desire for more always stays alive.

With every success, tendency to boast around starts raising its ugly head which serves only as a fodder to ego leading towards unpleasantness at many occasions. It also provokes others to run on the same track of acquiring more and more. Thus the battle to dominate others continues.

Granted, that competition leads to not only individual and personal development but also development of the society as a whole. You must succeed but not at the cost of others. Try to keep your ego under control. You control it; do not let it control you. At the individual level however, in certain cases it is likely to open the door to unethical practices disregarding the reality that nothing material stays with us forever. Material success ends up with physical life while spiritual development does not. Another aspect is that domination over a person may satisfy your ego but most probably you would lose his love and affection, which is not a small loss. Do not forget that the loser never feels happy. It would be appropriate to keep this aspect in mind while running in the arena of life.

Competition: You must succeed