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Collective Protection and Human Concept

I read a saying somewhere that if a young bird falls from the nest, the whole jungle wakes up. Once I also saw a herd of elephants on National Geographic Channel that had their siblings with them, all grazing calmly but as soon as they felt a lion approaching and smelled the danger, they immediately moved all the small ones to the center and formed a protective circle around them. All of them were collectively protecting all their children rather than leaving them to their parents. They had taken upon themselves that protection of their children was their collective responsibility, an excellent instinctive act.

Human beings think somewhat differently and generally practice the concept of “my child and your child”. The children are mostly considered the responsibility of their parents. The concept of collective protection does not seem to exist. Even worse is that at times they don’t hesitate in harming and even killing the children of their enemies. This is being merciless and cruel and against all norms and ethics of humanity.

Reiki teaches to be kind and merciful to everyone, not just the human beings and their children but also to the animals. While practicing Reiki, one does not have to and should not restrict oneself to just the five principles (precepts) of Reiki. There is lot more to be kept in mind and practiced. That is why it is said that Reiki is not just a healing system; it is a way of life.