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Deattunement: Can you Deattune me?

This is a story of one of my students. Basically, the story is quite ordinary but what made it special happened several weeks after her training. She asked about deattunement.

A young girl in her mid twenties came to me in November 2013 to learn Reiki first degree. It was a one-on-one training session on her request. The credentials she entered in the training request form showed that she was well educated and had a Master’s degree from a European university. She sounded a bit nervous even though she had come with her mother who left before the session started. She wanted to learn Reiki to treat her health issues and pointed to dark circles under her eyes. One obvious thing that I noticed was her sickly look. The session lasted for several hours. By the end she looked calm and confident.

Few days later she returned for Reiki second degree and went back happy with what she had achieved. In May 2014 she came for Reiki Master 3-A. This time I could immediately notice that she had regained her health, dark circles under the eyes had disappeared and she no longer looked sick. The feedback she gave was that she had been applying Reiki on herself very regularly as taught ever since her first attunement and was happy about the results and effects of Reiki.

So far so good; there was nothing special. The feedback was as normal as with my other students. During third week of August 2014, she called me and asked a much-unexpected question, "Can you deattune me"? When I asked for the reason, a series of surprises triggered off. She said she was fully satisfied and happy with Reiki but her mother wants to know if she could be deattuned. I remembered that her own mother had brought her to me for Reiki first degree and had also supported her training for Reiki Master 3-A by calling me and asking for special attention. What then had gone wrong after so long? What I concluded from her lengthy conversation was that her mother had suddenly started disliking Reiki for no apparent reason. Unbelievable for me was that she couldn’t see the benefits that her daughter gained from Reiki but was only looking at things that had nothing to do with Reiki.

It is universally known that Reiki is safe and cannot be used for harm. Its effects are always positive. Rather than believing her trained daughter, my student’s mother got mislead by faulty information from her untrained and superstitious friends who didn’t know much about Reiki and attributed it to some kind of magic and that is why she asked her daughter to find out about deattunement. It was not funny but strange. After further explanation, she agreed to clear the faulty concepts of her mother. This is what can happen when erroneous information finds its way through. So one should be careful in accepting ideas from those who are not aware of details of a subject.