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Can Reiki Break Black Magic?

Many people ask me if Reiki can break black magic. Leaving the answer alone for a while, I would like to highlight another aspect and main cause of troubles that have no apparent reason.

Black magic is a reality but neither everyone is victim nor every trouble is due to black magic. Most of the troubles of a person are the result of his own negative thought pattern and conduct but it usually doesn’t even occur to him. Very few know that most of the diseases are also the result of negative thoughts and conduct. I have already written about personal conduct, fate and troubles.

Human mind is always at work. Most of us let our conscious mind rule us. Majority decides its own goals in life but everyone doesn’t follow the correct path. In many cases the path is zigzagged to achieve the goal letting it pass through any mode of conduct whether wrong or right, moral or immoral, legitimate or illegitimate. It could stem from various roots. In today’s world of competition, one is quite likely to use all types of fair and unfair means. The battle of survival has also become furious. At times one might feel compelled to do anything positive or negative for survival. Struggle to meet unnecessary desires could also urge a person to become unethical. One could create a list of reasons to justify personal behavior and route adopted but the fact is that Nature doesn’t get convinced by human reasoning and follows its own course, implements its own rules and rewards accordingly. Thus, troubles and comforts are the result of our own doings.

The troubles can be in shape of various diseases, conflicts, poor relationships, financial losses or anything varying from person to person. It must be understood that sickness and other troubles may not necessarily be due to magic. Our own conduct, lifestyle and negative thought pattern could be the cause but either we don’t even think it could be so or we don’t accept our faults because our ego doesn’t let us do so. When good medical treatment doesn’t help and other issues don’t get resolved, many people assume that someone has hit them through magic. This assumption drives them to spiritual healers, many of whom are likely to be fake and only rob the people. This further multiplies the troubles. Majority that considers itself victim of magic belongs to this category. Actual victims of magic are not very many in number.

If you are drawn to believe that you are a victim of magic, go for medical or spiritual treatment but you should also honestly review personal behavior and conduct and take corrective measures where required or else magic or no magic the troubles are likely to continue; one after the other. The law of Nature is that we have to face the results of our own doings.

And now answer to the question: Reiki is basically not meant to break the magic. It can help in keeping feeble negative energies away but doesn’t break strong magic attacks specially sent by design. Its regular use does however help in making the person more realistic and ethical. With positive thought pattern and ethical conduct, one can keep lots of troubles away. How you take it is your choice.

Black magic is not as common as many of us think. Sometimes we becomes victims of our own doings rather than anything else