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Becoming a good Reiki healer

A frequently asked question is, “How can I become a good Reiki healer”? The answer is very simple, “Practice it as much as you can”. Regular use of Reiki cleanses and widens the energy channels, which enables them to carry larger amounts of energy. This is what a Reiki healer should have but it does not automatically come with attunements. One must use the energy or else it would be like buying a medicine but not using it or not taking it as advised by the doctor.

If you have been attuned into Reiki but do not yet understand what precisely it is, you can still use it successfully and become a good Reiki healer. It is very simple and is exactly like a car driver need not understand how the car engine works. While understanding is an advantage, one can be an excellent driver even without being a mechanical engineer and you know it full well. Remember that it is the practice that makes a person good healer, not the theoretical knowledge.

While practicing Reiki and carrying out healing on self or others, one should not attach oneself with specific results, that is, do not expect specific results but if by some chance you do and your expectations are not met, do not feel disheartened. This is quite common with the beginners. Continue your practice, be confident and use it. The cure will come at its own time, which is always variable depending on several factors.

If you have not practiced for a while, don’t worry. You have not lost the healing ability. Restart now where you left and regain your confidence. It is so simple. All that you need to do is to find time and practice it.


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