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Effects of Action Movies | Collective Manifestation

One may call it even collective consciousness. We know that at times, in certain matters, the whole world or at least a very major section of the population thinks on one common point. For example, when a natural calamity hits a particular area, it shakes the feelings of sympathy in the whole world and makes the masses pray for safety of the victims. Prayer is a form of manifestation and thus collective prayer can be easily called collective manifestation. It surely has its effects and works according to law of attraction. Here is a real and very evident example of what collective manifestation (or collective consciousness) can do, that is, effects of action movies.

We all know that countless action movies have been produced in the world and watched over past many decades. Such movies show lot of killing and destruction, which the spectators enjoy as piece of entertainment. Movie makers, actors and their huge staff go through the process of thinking of such events without understanding and realizing the consequences. Later, millions (rather billions) watch those movies and derive pleasure out of what they see on the screen. Thus, unconsciously though, but the whole world has been directly manifesting trouble through such movies and television dramas. The feelings of joy and happiness coming through watching the action movies multiply the effects of manifestation. The law of attraction does not discriminate or differentiate between wrong and right and implements the manifestation as it is. This case is not an exception. Like it or not but this is a fact and this collective manifestation has taken physical shape exactly according to law of attraction. Nature has its own ways of responding and has responded in this particular matter as well. Now the whole world is facing violence of various magnitudes and forms. We have killings and disasters in various forms all over doing irreparable damage to humanity. The effects are deep rooted and have reached far beyond manageable limits. Apparently it does not seem possible to stop the production and screening of action movies but supposedly even if it is, the world will still receive what has been manifested by the masses so regularly for so long. Collective consciousness has worked so powerfully.

And now the second part: When the trouble comes as result of collective manifestation or what ever, the world starts focusing on what it doesn’t want, for example, "We don’t want trouble". Fine, but the universe does not recognize the words like don’t, no, not, never etc. It eliminates such words and implements the rest of it. Thus according to law of attraction the universe implements it as "We want trouble" increasing the troubles. This is how the law of attraction works and that is why troubles are increasing continuously. Rather than praying “We don’t want trouble”, a better option would be to pray “We want peace”. Apparently both mean the same thing but actually they don’t. The former is in negative form while the later one is in positive form.

So what do we do? Having recognized the problem, what option do we have at individual level? The answer is simple: firstly, try to avoid watching action movies and the like as far as possible to take your mind away from disasters and violence, and secondly, ask for peace… peace everywhere, at individual as well as at community/collective level. This is the best we can do at our level and in our capacity. It would surely do something, if not everything.

Finally, be careful with what you think and the way you think. The universe gives us what we want.