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Power of Sound

Every spoken language comprises a set of sounds, which have meanings attached to various sounds. The person who understands and knows a particular set of sounds is said to know that language. When we speak, we produce sounds of varying tones and volumes to convey our thoughts and even our feelings but sounds are used not just for communication ... read more

Balance of Life in Nature

Like everywhere else in the universe, Nature always maintains balance in life on our planet. This is done through certain preset systems but despite all the wisdom we rarely pay attention even to known systems. There are lots and lots of happenings on our planet but we think that those are perhaps of no consequence to us. Is it really so? ... read more

Action Movies and Collective Manifestation

Countless action movies have been produced in the world over past several decades. Such movies show lot of killing and destruction, which the spectators enjoy as piece of entertainment. Movie makers, actors and their huge staff go through the process to earn money without understanding and realizing the consequences. Later, millions watch those movies and derive pleasure out of what they see on the screen. Thus, unconsciously though, but the whole world has been directly manifesting ... read more

Memories of Past

It is commonly advocated that one should get rid of old memories and not live in the past. This is fine but how does it happen or how to do so is a big question.

Practically it is impossible to get rid of old memories without losing consciousness. As long as the conscious mind is working normally, the memories whether good or bad, stay with us for as long as… ... read more

Life Will Go On

God created the human beings and countless other species and we all know that capabilities of every creation are not the same. Even within specie, physical and mental abilities of everyone are different. So is the case with human beings – we are all different to each other; every one of us is unique. Not only our abilities but also the likes and dislikes greatly vary. It is because God… ... read more

Collective Protection and Human Concept

I read a saying somewhere that if a young bird falls from the nest, the whole jungle wakes up. Once I also saw a herd of elephants on National Geographic Channel that had their siblings with them, all grazing calmly but as soon as they felt a lion approaching and smelled the danger, they immediately moved all the small ones to the center and formed a protective circle around them… ... read more

Mother Earth and Our Relationship

What a beautiful name it is for our planet, Mother Earth. More I think of it, more I like it rather love it. I do not know who gave this name but whoever he or she was, was a very thoughtful and wise person. Perhaps there could not be a better name for it. We depend on our Mother Earth for every need of our physical body, almost like ... read more

Human Impatience

Human being is very impatient by nature. He wants quick results for everything and while doing so, very frequently ignores the realities and the laws of nature. Rather than being patient, he strives to pursue the wrong line to achieve the results over-night and thus multiplies his anxiety… ... read more

What is Terrorism?

Generally, the term “terrorism” is associated with killing of other human beings, blasting the buildings or carrying out suicide bombing etc. – but my definition of terrorism is somewhat different. In my opinion, these are not the only forms of terrorism.

I consider every action that violates the legitimate rights of other human beings, snatching even a cent by force, bluffing, bribery and illegitimate gratifications, theft and robbery, hating… ... read more

Foggy Future – Achieving Success

Almost every one of us has traveled through fog one time or the other. Here is how it goes. While we are on the road, we can see only limited portion of the road ahead. Nearly similar is the case with future but somewhat different to traveling in fog on a physical road. We know where the physical road leads to but we are not sure of what lies in the future ... read more