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Author: M Akram Khan

Effects of Sound on Relationships, Life and Future

Sound is the first, most widely used, most important and most powerful language of human beings and animals right from the moment of birth. When we speak, we actually produce various sounds from our mouths and convey our thoughts to others.

Every spoken language comprises a set of sounds, which have meanings attached to various sounds. The person who understands and knows a particular set of sounds is said to… ... read more

Balance of Life in Nature

Like everywhere else in the universe, Nature always maintains balance in life on our planet. This is done through certain preset systems but despite all the wisdom we rarely pay attention even to known systems. There are lots and lots of happenings on our planet but we think that those are perhaps of no consequence to us. Is it really so?

God has given countless gifts to us. One of… ... read more

Effects of Action Movies | Collective Manifestation

One may call it even collective consciousness. We know that at times, in certain matters, the whole world or at least a very major section of the population thinks on one common point. For example, when a natural calamity hits a particular area, it shakes the feelings of sympathy in the whole world and makes the masses pray for safety of the victims. Prayer is a form of manifestation and… ... read more

Old Memories: What to Do?

It is commonly advocated that one should get rid of old memories and not live in the past. This is fine but how does it happen or how to do so is a big question.

Practically it is impossible to get rid of old memories without losing consciousness. As long as the conscious mind is working normally, the memories whether good or bad, stay with us for as long as… ... read more

Life Will Go On

God created the human beings and countless other species and we all know that capabilities of every creation are not the same. Even within specie, physical and mental abilities of everyone are different. So is the case with human beings – we are all different to each other; every one of us is unique. Not only our abilities but also the likes and dislikes greatly vary. It is because God… ... read more

Fix Your Priorities

In today’s busy life, one has plenty of things at hand that need to be done quickly, every day and one after the other. The battle for survival is becoming more and more intense. Mind gets busy and starts planning day’s commitments right from opening the eyes in the morning. All that stuff tends to create stress, anxiety and depression particularly if more is to be done in less time… ... read more

Power of “Thank you”, Acknowledgement

"Thank you" are two simple and well known words of English. All of us surely know their meanings and also use them but have you ever thought of their effects and implications? Let us proceed together and see to it. For this we consider the commoners, not those special people who keep doing all sorts of favors to others without ever expecting a word of thanks or anything in return.… ... read more

Reiki Symbols – Understanding Reiki Symbols

Reiki symbols look like ordinary Japanese writing but actually have great power behind them. The question is whether or not they can be effectively used by a person who has not been attuned to Reiki? Let us take an example.

Imagine an electric switch. You have seen and used it innumerable times. It is there on the switchboard in every room that has electric connection. If you push the… ... read more

Importance of Reiki Certificate

We are often asked about the validation of certificate for their Reiki training and whether they would get one or not. Some of them also want to know if it would be recognized by a university. When they are told that Reiki certificates given around the world are not officially recognized by the universities, they get disappointed. When asked why they are being so conscious about the certificate, they usually… ... read more

Yin Yang Symbol of Chinese Taoism

The universe always maintains balance between various forces. God has created everything in pairs, one opposite to the other. This concept was known to the scholars of ancient times, the traces of which can be found in old Chinese culture. They exactly knew that natural equilibrium in universal forces exists at all times and represented it by a symbol in Taoism, which represents universal balance, polarity and complimentary opposites like… ... read more