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Reiki Treatment When Disease is Not Diagnosed

It is not uncommon to come across cases where the person is actually sick and feels horrible but his medical test reports don’t indicate any thing wrong. Apparently every thing is fine but the point is, if it is so why then the person doesn’t feel fine? Mostly, there is no definite answer that medical science can provide except that the person might be sent to the psychiatrist but that makes it even worse. Such are the situations calling for Reiki treatment.

Modern medical science has its limitations. It can neither diagnose every ailment nor treat it effectively. There are dozens of diseases that have no known cause or treatment through medical science. A person suffering with such a disease would obviously feel helpless, might feel disgusted and depressed. What then? Spend the rest of the life in disgust? I don’t think so. If one system does not provide the solution, why not try another?

Reiki healing system is one that needs no diagnosis because its philosophy and concepts are very different. It uses naturally existing universal energy but no physical medicines. It works at the deepest level to restore health. The best of all is that one does not need to be a medical professional to learn and use it effectively. Anyone can learn Reiki and use it for self treatment effectively. Consider it and see if you need Reiki treatment.