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True Healing: How to Achieve it with Reiki

We all fall sick at one time or the other and get medical treatment. The medicines that we use are mostly in the physical form and act at the physical plane only, not at the emotional, mental or spiritual planes. They remove or suppress the manifesting symptoms and make the person feel cured but is that all that is required? No, I don’t think so because that is just the physical healing not the true healing, while a disease can also be emotional, mental or even spiritual in nature.

True healing means healing the whole, not just the physical body

There are countless sources constantly invading and transmitting negative energies to us, which can be internal, external or a combination of both creating an imbalance in our bodies. In terms of life force energy (ki), the illness is due to imbalance of energies causing dysfunction of various organs leading to accumulation of toxins. Like the disease, the toxins can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature and affect the health in different ways, which might not be detectable through customary laboratory tests. The effects of such toxins can be temporary or long term and disrupt normal functioning of the organs causing further accumulation of toxins. The imbalance of energies might not necessarily occur evenly through out the body. It can also be local, limited to one organ or a small area.

For every ailment that we come across, we expect a cure through medication. We hardly ever feel even inclined to look for the cause beyond the physical factors. The focus of medical science is mostly on chemistry of the body, almost never looking for the underlying cause. The imbalance of energy appearing as symptoms is an indication of something wrong somewhere but the source of trouble might not always be known. For true healing, all such hidden causes must be removed. At times the resulting imbalance might not be due to our own fault but mostly it is. For example, wrong diet, artificial life style, selfishness, jealousy, cheating, arrogance, cruelty, illegitimate earning etc. etc. and poor moral character in general always lead to imbalance sooner or later. They attract negative energies, which gradually accumulate in and around the body and show up as various physical and even non-physical diseases at some stage. In such cases, physical medicines would hardly be of any help and would not bring true healing because removal of symptoms from the physical plane and healing are two different things. For true healing, toxins from all the four planes mentioned earlier must be purged regularly so that a natural balance can be regained and maintained. This requires treatment through energy like Reiki, which works at all the four planes.

As written earlier, we are under constant invasion by both internal and external negative sources, which need to be countered regularly. More often than not, we accumulate negativity through our own conduct and thus generate troubles for ourselves but make up false justifications in our minds or find it very easy to blame the other persons or factors. We fail to understand and realize the actual cause and try to treat the disease by medication, which only removes the symptoms not the cause. Removing just the symptoms is not enough. Unless the cause(s) are removed and the source(s) that go against the healing are countered, no amount of medication will bring true healing. It will be like dressing up a wound once or twice a day but scratching and refreshing it several times a day and thus letting the sickness at the levels of mind and soul stay. For detoxification and healing at planes above the physical one, we need to make fundamental changes at not only the physical level but also at the conscious level. Unless we modify our behaviors and improve our attitudes towards every thing, in every aspect of life, true healing will not occur. Removal of apparent symptoms and improvement of physical health is not the true purpose of Reiki healing. If you have received the Reiki attunements, you have a handy tool in your hands that can help you in self realization and spiritual awakening, provided you look for it seriously. So it is for you to see whether you are content with healing of just the physical body or complete and true healing. Give it a thought, a deeper one.