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What is Detoxification? How to Detoxify Yourself

Detoxification is the opposite of toxification. As the Reiki energy begins to adjust itself in the body of the recipient, it starts expelling the toxins (poisonous materials) out of the body, which is a healthy sign. These toxins may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. This process is called “detoxification”. It is essential to detoxify for better health.

Though it is not necessary, but some times the person who receives Reiki energy, be it in the shape of Reiki attunements or treatment, may undergo this process. Detoxification might start even after a series of Reiki treatment sessions. Less dense and smaller toxins are likely to take lesser time and show up lesser symptoms while clearing out (during detoxification). Larger amount of toxins will require repeated Reiki sessions and will clear off gradually. If the toxins are physical in nature, the symptoms of detoxification will be different but if they are of emotional nature or deep seated in the subconscious, the manifesting symptoms are likely to be different. Whatever be the situation, the symptoms of detoxification do not generally go beyond the endurance of the person. None of the adjustments should therefore, be feared as each person only experiences what he or she is ready for.

During the process of detoxification, some people may get running nose, diarrhea, fever, increased urination, anxiety, depression, headache or any thing. Should this happen, there is nothing to worry about. This is not only quite safe but is also desirable for cleansing and would automatically end up after the process is complete and the energy has adjusted itself. It is better to let the process complete itself without hindering it by medication. The process is though unpleasant but yet a favorable manifestation.