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Relax Yourself Without Medicines

Today’s competitive life style generates lot of tension and anxiety snatching away the peace of mind. It creates a kind of emotional instability making a person hypersensitive even to small mental pressures and one tends to lose wits a bit too quickly. Such conditions provoke many people to use various means to relax themselves including the tranquilizers. Regular and frequent use of such medicines has its own down side and generally not recommended for regular use by medical practitioners because ultimately they cause more harm than benefit. This calls for a risk-free method to relax the mind and have sound sleep. There are several ways of relaxation. Following are two simple but very effective techniques:

  • If you have learned Reiki first degree at least, give yourself Reiki every night before going to bed. This will not only relieve you of anxiety but also improve your health in general. Regular Reiki treatment creates emotional stability and helps the person to be more realistic with positive approach towards life.
  • When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself quietly (in your mind) that “Today I am very relaxed and happy”. Repeat it at least 40 to 50 times in one go everyday. It will keep you relaxed throughout the day unless you are bent upon being tense. Be careful not to say that “you are not tense” or “you are not unhappy” because it will be counterproductive and will give opposite results. Your phrase should be positively worded. Do not use words like no, not, never etc. Everyone can use this technique. You may also repeat it at night before going to sleep, making it twice a day. You may change this affirmation according to your requirement but keep the phrase short and do not change it frequently.

The key in both cases is regular practice.

Good luck!