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Peace and Harmony, Relaxation

Everyone wants peace and harmony in life but it doesn’t come automatically. One has to consciously work for it.

During our daily life, we do lots of things, visit many different places and come across all sorts of people with different energy patterns and vibrations. The public places we visit are packed with various kinds of negative and positive energies, which flow towards us without us being aware of those. The energies stronger than our own energy affect us positively or negatively according to their nature, which in turn affect our aura. Negative energies disturb our energy pattern, deposit non-physical toxins in our bodies, cause discomfort of varying levels and thus disturb our peace and harmony. Since such effects take place on daily basis depending upon our activities, we need to release them every day. There could be several ways of doing so. Reiki is one such handy tool to regain peace and harmony. This requires daily self treatment through Reiki.

Reiki releases discomfort, anxiety and other ailments caused by toxins at physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual levels and helps in becoming more rational, accommodative, calm, relaxed and humane. When used regularly, Reiki gradually brushes off negative thought pattern, brings clarity in thoughts and enables a person to take on challenges of life more positively. It rebuilds the person at all the four levels, that is, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and turns him in to a positive personality.

The key is daily self treatment. It is not difficult at all to spend some time in self care and give yourself Reiki before retiring to bed at night. Such treatments not only do what has been written earlier, they also give a sound and comfortable sleep. One wakes up in the morning pretty much refreshed with better mindset to take on the activities of the coming day in a more befitting manner.