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Reiki Improves Natural Breathing

Breathing is the sign of life. We breathe at all times whether we are conscious of it or not. We cannot survive without breathing for more than few minutes but do we really breathe properly…the way we should?

Have you ever observed a child sleeping? His belly keeps moving up and down in a rhythm but his chest does not. That’s because he is taking deep breaths and his body is getting the right amount of oxygen. Same is the case with animals; they too take deep breaths and their bellies move up and down when they are resting but in human beings, majority does not breathe properly. We take shallow breaths, our chest moves rather than the belly and as a result our bodies don’t get the required amount of oxygen. This makes the body go under constant minor stress that we generally do not observe. This minor stress often results in different mental and physical ailments. It is quite understandable that since each and every cell of the body is not getting the required amount of oxygen and energy, it will not be able to perform at its optimal level.

There could be many reasons for this abnormal shallow breathing. One could be our being receptive to the negative energy around us. As we grow, we come in contact with different energy fields, both positive and negative, and we are influenced by them accordingly.

Therefore, it is important to breathe properly. When breathing, let your abdomen expand rather than the chest. To begin with, you can do it as proper and regular exercise. It will not only balance but will also enhance your body energy. There are plenty of such exercises available on Internet. You can pick the one you like.

Reiki can help in breathing correctly. One of the initial effects that Reiki gives is that it relaxes the nerves and slows down the pulse. It dissipates the negative energy in our mind…resulting in unwinding the mind and body and reducing stress. Reiki helps you breathe deeply and slowly in a rhythm. However, it is always better to improve your breathing consciously as well. Try to take deep breaths and consciously move your belly in and out rather than your chest, especially when giving yourself Reiki treatment. This will help you relax and focus…Reiki makes you feel good.