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Reiki for Weight Loss

In terms of Reiki, diseases, abnormalities and dysfunctions of the body organs occur due to imbalance of the life force energy in the body. Such imbalance might be localized or all over. Excessive body weight is also due to imbalance of energy of related organs. Weightloss is also result of imbalance of energies in the body.

Tree in the middle lost the weight

There are countless ways and therapies to lose weight; Reiki therapy is yet another. Reiki is different in a way that it does not essentially require medicines, physical exercise, running on the road or regular visits to the gym etc. One can use it at home sitting or lying in any comfortable position. A bit of physical exercise will certainly be of help but is not the essential part of Reiki treatment. Regular Reiki treatment automatically improves the metabolization, modifies eating habits according to requirement of the body, reduces the fat and thus results in improved health.

Reiki treatment can be done in two ways; either through learning Reiki and carrying out self treatment or getting treatment from a Reiki practitioner. Since Reiki or any other therapy for weight loss is not a quick fix, it would take time according to extent of imbalance to give noticeable results. Thus getting treatment from a practitioner might turn out to be quite expensive. So, the option of learning and self treatment would probably be a better choice.

If you have learned Reiki, you can use it in number of ways but I recommend that you give yourself full body treatment at least once a day. The key point is that it must be done regularly on daily basis with full confidence and belief. Your disbelief can be counter productive.

While treating yourself, don’t bother yourself with Chakras. Just treat all the major organs of the body like head, face, throat, chest, abdomen, liver area, lower abdomen, and kidneys etc. That will automatically take care of the Chakras. If you are short of time, you may do it in short sessions as many times a day as you can and focus on liver and abdomen at least. Some Reiki would be better than nothing at all.

Remember that in Reiki treatment there is no over doing or over dosing. Since Reiki is a non-physical energy, it would do you no harm even if you use it for several hours a day. So, do it as much as you can and cure your obesity normally and naturally.