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Reiki and True Healing

In general terms, all of us have two bodies: physical and non-physical. The non-physical body is also called the spiritual body. Soul, mind and vital force are parts of non-physical body. When we carry out any action, we tend to label it under the performance of one of the two bodies and call it either physical exertion or mental exertion but actually they are not independent of each other. If you give it a little deeper thought, you would conclude that human performance involves simultaneous use of both; none works independently. Physical body cannot perform without the non-physical body and vice versa; both must work as one integrated whole. Therefore, both the bodies need to be healthy and efficient. True healing means healing the whole, not just the physical body.

True healing means healing the whole, not just the physical body

Upon falling sick, we normally tend to heal the physical body ignoring the non-physical body almost completely. It so happens because that is how the physicians treat. Physical medicines also primarily affect the physical body. As soon as the physical body is healed, it is considered enough and one feels satisfied but actually this is not enough and cannot be called true healing. Healing one body and leaving the other unattended creates an imbalance between the two. It can be easily understood that if one of the bodies is healthier and the other is weaker, the result will be an overall reduction in efficiency.

It is very important that both the bodies, physical as well non-physical, be healed simultaneously. Normally, this cannot be done through physical medicines but can be done through Reiki, which heals not just the physical body but also meets the requirements of non-physical body and creates a natural balance between the two. It works at the roots, every cell of physical body and every plan of the spiritual body. This is why Reiki is considered ideal for true healing.