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Reiki for Plants

Whenever someone sends out positive energy and love in any form, it is always reciprocated. When someone opens a door for us, brings us a glass of water, we reciprocate by thanking, which is our general way of responding to that positive energy, in a positive manner of course.

This happens with humans but what if we do some favor to an animal or a plant? Since they are also living beings, do they also respond to that positive energy or the affection that we give them? The answer is yes, they do. They don’t talk to us in our language, but they still have their own ways of saying thank you to us. So, Reiki for plants is not a waste.

Reiki is all about love and affection. Whenever we send Reiki to anyone, it not only heals but also conveys the message of affection, care and warmth. It makes the recipient feel more harmonized and in peace.

We know that plants, like other forms of life, are alive…they breathe, grow, and reproduce. Many researches over the past few years have proved that they have emotions too. They love to receive Reiki and respond to it in the most affectionate manner. They respond to care and affection…and thank for that!

Try giving Reiki to your garden and potted plants on a daily basis. You’ll see tremendous results in their growth and feel that they are becoming healthier and happier. That will urge you to spend even more time with your plants and they’ll be happy to have you around. Reiki will make your bond even stronger with them. So is the case with your animals. Upon receiving Reiki, they show their love for you by reacting in various loving ways. One way or the other, you’ll feel them thanking you for giving them Reiki!