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Power of “Thank you”, Acknowledgement

"Thank you" are two simple and well known words of English. All of us surely know their meanings and also use them but have you ever thought of their effects and implications, that is, the power of thank you? Let us proceed together and see to it. For this we consider the commoners, not those special people who keep doing all sorts of favors to others without ever expecting a word of thanks or anything in return.

Power of thank you, gratitude

By nature, the human being likes to be appreciated for his work, effort or favor that he might do to the others. Upon receiving an appreciation, he feels happier and willing to do the favor again but if someone just walks away without recognizing the favor done to him, he does not leave behind a favorable ground to receive the favor again. The favor does not have to be a big one for recognition. It might be as small as anyone can think of.

Like everyone else, you too must have extended or received small or big favors. Have you ever noticed the difference in your feelings when a person thanks you for the favor and when another doesn’t? Let us turn it the other way round and see how the other person would feel if you walk away without acknowledging the favor? Do you think it would leave some kind of positive and pleasant feelings behind? Probably not! Such unpleasantness might be there for just a fraction of a second and one might not even notice it consciously, yet the existence of such feelings cannot be ruled out all together. The difference in two sets of feelings in the two cases explains the power of the two simple words, "thank you". Acknowledgement (gratitude in other words)encourages the people to extend repeated favors while the indifference does the opposite. I am sure you would again extend the favor happily to the first person who acknowledges it positively and so would the other person who does a favor to you, if your response is positive. By the way, gratitude is one of the techniques of attracting abundance in life.

We keep doing and receiving small and big favors all our life but many of us seldom realize the importance of acknowledgement. In the culture we live in, some people ask for favors in demanding tone as if it were their right and walk away without even looking at the person who favored them especially if the favor is apparently very small. At home, members of the family hardly ever thank each other and almost never realize the importance of this short but very effective gesture. Similarly, almost no one thanks his servant for his services thinking that since he or she is being paid for the service, thanking is not necessary. This kind of behavior certainly does not add to goodwill. On the other hand, simple acknowledgement through two words, "thank you" generates healthier relationship, mutual respect and encouragement to help others. It does not take time, costs nothing but means a lot, lot more than what we usually perceive. These are the two most powerful words in human relationship. In fact, the power of these two words is much more than what I am trying to explain in this short article. To feel the true power and virtues of gratitude, practice it yourself and see the results. You would soon feel positive changes in the attitude of your colleagues, friends, family members and even the servants. You would notice that faithfulness and loyalty of your servant would elevate. Remember that goodwill and respect is a simple two way traffic.

Thank you for reading this article!