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Truth About Reiki – Is Reiki Real?

Since Reiki energy does not satisfy the measure of our five senses, many people doubt its existence. That is why people want to know the truth about Reiki and if it is real. Human nature is that he does not believe anything right away. Before believing, first of all he uses his five senses to analyze. Things that don’t satisfy the measures of his five senses, he asks for proofs before believing them.

It is a reality, not a fiction

There are other things that we cannot see naturally but feel their existence and use them all the time. Air is an example of this category that we cannot see with physical eyes but we breathe and use it all the time. There are other things in the world, various energies in particular that cannot be recognized through our five senses; we need other aids to feel their presence. When the instruments prove their existence, we no longer feel hesitant in believing and trusting. For example, we cannot see electromagnetic waves with physical eyes but we know them through instruments. The universe is packed with countless things that are beyond our comprehension leave alone feeling through our five senses or detecting through scientific instruments. The point is that if we do not understand something, should we right away refuse its existence or call it fiction? I don’t think so.

Reiki is one such energy that we cannot see with our physical eyes but can feel its effects. Since it does not satisfy the measure of our five senses, it is not believed easily but the disbelief does not make it non-existent or a fiction. Reiki energy is real and the system is being learned and used all over the world. Developed countries have progressed much in this field and the question about its existence has been answered.

When we look at development of Reiki is the world, some realities emerge instantly, few of which are as under in the shape of questions to be answered by the reader:

  1. >Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of this system treated lots of victims of Tokyo earthquake of 1923, which the government of Japan recognized and awarded Dr. Usui for his wonderful work. Could it be that the government gave him the award without finding out what Reiki was?
  2. >William Lee Rand is a famous Reiki Master in USA and owns a Reiki training institute. Towards the end of last century he had some dispute with someone on ownership/trade marking of Karuna Reiki, which was finally decided in his favor. Would it be right to assume that American courts processed the whole case without caring to find out what it was all about and what Reiki is?
  3. >Britain has made laws about Reiki practice because it is related with health and cannot be taken lightly. Could it be that British government made the laws without inquiring what is Reiki and how it works?
  4. >In addition to USA and UK, few other European countries have started using Reiki in some hospitals. Is it possible that developed countries such as these allowed it without full investigations and research and without satisfaction about its reality and efficacy?

I leave the answers to these questions to those who ask if Reiki is real. If you are still unsatisfied, you should learn the system and experience the energy yourself. Like seeing is believing, one can probably say, experiencing is believing. Learning Reiki would not harm you anyway.