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Is Reiki a Magic?

Reiki is among such invisible energies that exist around us and is part of us. If the question is, “is Reiki a magic”, the answer is no., it is not.

There are two types of elements in our world, physical and non-physical. There are those that meet the criteria of our five physical senses; touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing – we are quick in believing them and there are those that are non-physical in nature and do not meet this criteria and are thus not believed easily. Such things cannot be measured by physical means. We need to perceive and understand them. Generally, if we cannot understand or perceive something, we call it a mystery and tend to disbelieve. Few superstitious types might even call such energies as magic.

The universe is full of mysteries. There are innumerable things happening around us that we do not know or do not understand and there are lots of things affecting us but we are not consciously aware of those. We call them mysterious. There are things that are mysterious for some but not for those who can perceive and understand them.

Reiki is NOT a magic. It is among such invisible energies that exist around us and is in fact part of us. At some stage people might have called it a magic because they did not understand it. This confusion still seems to exist with those who do not try to understand what it is. Somehow a large section of world’s population has either not been exposed to it or still does not believe in it because it does not meet the measure of our five physical senses.

Reiki is no longer a new discovery and has been well explained in various books and on Internet. Those with better perception of energies around us know it as simple and natural life force energy that has nothing to do with any type of magic or unethical practice. We can learn to use it, feel it and benefit from it. The benefits can be both physical and non-physical in nature and are not limited to just few matters. One can use Reiki for as many issues as one can think of. Reiki needs to be perceived, felt and understood, which can best be done by actually experiencing it. Personal experience is more satisfying than what hearing from others.