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Importance of Reiki Certificate

We are often asked about the validation of certificate for their Reiki training and whether they would get one or not. Some of them also want to know if it would be recognized by a university. When they are told that Reiki certificates given around the world are not officially recognized by the universities, they get disappointed. When asked why they are being so conscious about the certificate, they usually don’t have an answer.

Although, nearly all Reiki teachers give certificates of all levels of Reiki training to their students, it is not obligatory to have one. Things can go along pretty well even without a certificate.

In most countries, Reiki is not officially recognized as a healing modality. It is neither a traditional nor alternate healing system; it is more of a complimentary system. Reiki is among those healing systems in the world that have no standard academic or technical requirements to qualify as in other traditional systems. It even has more variations than any other system. Many teachers have developed their own standards and techniques and different types of Reiki names after the time of Master Hawayo Takata. Each one of them claims to have some kind of edge over the others based on his learning and experience.

The question is, does a person really need a certificate to practice Reiki anyway? Most of the people who learn Reiki use it for their personal healing or development, or to heal the people or situations around them. The certificate that they get is only a proof that they have taken the attunement from a living teacher, that’s all. That certificate would only be required if they have taken one course from one teacher and want to take further courses from another teacher. That is the only time they would need to show their previous certificate to the new teacher. There is absolutely no other utility.

However, if someone wants to start teaching Reiki, they might want to put up their certificates for their students, but they don’t necessarily have to. I have never heard of any student asking a teacher, “Please show me your certificates, I want to see if you’re certified or not.” This never happens in any discipline, in any institution, anywhere in the world.

I am not saying that the Reiki certificates are “meaningless” at all, but it is not necessary to have a certificate to get the best out of Reiki. It is your learning and practice that matter, not the certificates!