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Guarantee of Cure

"What is the guarantee that Reiki treatment would cure me of my sickness"? This is a question that I frequently receive through emails, phone calls and letters. Every time it is worded differently but this is what many people ask. In this post I would like to answer this question.

Cure is always a grace

This sort of demand sounds like lack of understanding of basic realities of life. What needs to be clearly understood is that no system can guarantee the cure for every health condition. One may get cured at one time but may not see the cure at another. The purpose of treatment is to improve the quality of life, not to prolong the life. No healing system can prolong anyone’s life. The life has to come to an end at one stage. No doctor wants anyone to die but cannot stop the process, yet, thousands of people all over the world die in the hospitals every day. If the cure could be guaranteed, no one would ever die of disease or at least no doctor or his near ones would ever die.

Total balance and complete health is never possible. Neither Reiki nor any other healing system can bring about such balance. The best healers and highly skilled doctors and physicians of their time also died. They could not grant themselves a total health and stop their own death. Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki system also died, Mrs. Hawayo Takata also died and so did others. Why couldn’t Reiki grant them total health and keep them alive? The answer is very simple: no one can live forever. Our bodies have not been designed to continue perfectly and endlessly. Living forever is against the law of nature. The ailments keep coming and going through out the life span. Sometime one is cured quickly, at another time the cure may take a longer time and at yet another time, the cure may never come at all. Every cure is purely Grace. One should certainly choose to go to a good medical practitioner; there cannot be two opinions about it. One could get the best possible medical treatment but can never buy the cure. If cure could be bought, the wealthier would live, the poor would die. By the way, when you go to a hospital, do you ask for guaranteed cure before getting the treatment? Answer this question to yourself.

Under normal circumstances one should choose a practitioner of one’s liking and then place full trust in him/her – not ask for or expect guaranteed cure. This goes for all the healing systems, be it Reiki or any other. We can and should have hopes; it is very natural. It is the hope with which the practitioner gives the treatment and the sick receive it. Thus, to me, asking a healer for guaranteed cure indicates lack of faith in God and also lack of understanding of realities of life.

Similarly, giving guarantees is also not a right thing to do. I do not consider it ethical and therefore, do not guarantee any cure for any health condition. I very firmly believe that cure comes from God alone, never from a healer, no matter how skillful he or she might be.

Job of the Reiki teacher is to teach Reiki not to give guarantees for cure. Any Reiki practitioner worth his name would not do it. It is not for him/her to convince you to learn Reiki. It is for you to decide whether you should learn or not. If you wish to learn Reiki, make up your mind and then find a teacher but do not start asking for assurances and guarantees. Those looking for guaranteed cure should better review their concepts.