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Fix Your Priorities

In today’s busy life, one has plenty of things at hand that need to be done quickly, every day and one after the other. The battle for survival is becoming more and more intense. Mind gets busy and starts planning day’s commitments right from opening the eyes in the morning. All that stuff tends to create stress, anxiety and depression particularly if more is to be done in less time. Continued running around and stress finally start taking the toll and affect both physical and mental health. It is now a proven fact that those who don’t manage their affairs correctly and logically can develop stress-related ailments like heart diseases, stomach diseases, high blood pressure, depression and insomnia etcetera. So there is always a need to analyze and streamline the schedule.

Fix your priorities before hoping for something

What you need to do first is to fix the priorities. Dont try to do everything. Being too ambitious can demand extra work and running around taxing both physical and mental health. See what is more important for you and how much your wings permit you to fly genuinely and comfortably. Let the things that are not important go down the list or you may consider even deleting them. Incorrect priorities can divert the focus to unimportant or less important things relegating what should actually be done first. So work out your priorities carefully and logically and then stick to them. Dont change them according to your changing moods and emotional states or else you will confuse yourself.

Health is one thing that needs to be given higher priority because you can meet the challenges of life only if you are healthy; a sick person cannot be efficient and fully functional. How much priority you give to your health is your choice because you are the one who knows what is more important for you. I would however, suggest that eat on time, sleep on time, eat what you should, not what you like but at the same time don’t be too mechanical with your diet. If required, use Reiki to maintain your health at physical, emotional and mental levels and relaxation.