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Articles on Reiki Concepts: Reiki Questions and Reiki Practice

Is Reiki a Reality or Fiction?

Human nature is that he does not believe anything right away. Before believing, first of all he uses his five senses to analyze. Things that don’t satisfy the measures of his five senses, he asks for proofs before believing them. There are however, many things in the world that cannot be recognized through our five senses; we need instruments for those. When the instruments prove their existence, we no longer… ... read more

Is Reiki a Magic?

There are two types of elements in our world, physical and non-physical. There are those that meet the criteria of our five physical senses; touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing – we are quick in believing them and there are those that are non-physical in nature and do not meet this criteria and are thus not believed easily. Such things cannot be measured by physical means. We need to perceive… ... read more

Why Should I Learn Reiki?

Whether to learn Reiki or not is totally an individual and voluntary decision. However, having an ability to help yourself and others to improve health and quality of life is always a better option.

Learning Reiki enables a person to help him self and not only other human beings around but also the animals and plants that might need help. The emphasis of Reiki first degree is on self-treatment… ... read more

Can Reiki Cause Any Harm?

It has already been explained in other articles that life force energy is already present in human beings since birth. Its imbalance causes disease, which is rebalanced through Reiki. It is a simple system that does not use any equipment or physical medicine. During a Reiki treatment, the energy only passes through the practitioner but it is not his/her own energy. He/She acts only as a channel.

Physical medicines contain… ... read more

True Healing: How to Achieve it with Reiki

We all fall sick at one time or the other and get medical treatment. The medicines that we use are mostly in the physical form and act at the physical plane only, not at the emotional, mental or spiritual planes. They remove or suppress the manifesting symptoms and make the person feel cured but is that all that is required? No, I don’t think so because that is just the… ... read more

Will Reiki Surely Cure Me?

To understand the answer to this question, one should understand that Reiki is a complimentary healing system based on the use of natural life force energy. Though it has tremendous potential to cure the diseases, yet, it follows the laws of nature like all energies do and treats the person accordingly.

Reiki is no doubt very effective for treatment of many diseases but it offers no guarantees and warrantees… ... read more

What is Detoxification? How to Detoxify Yourself

Detoxification is the opposite of toxification. As the Reiki energy begins to adjust itself in the body of the recipient, it starts expelling the toxins (poisonous materials) out of the body, which is a healthy sign. These toxins may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. This process is called “detoxification”. It is essential to detoxify for better health.

Though it is not necessary, but some times the… ... read more

Reiki for Peace, Harmony and Relaxation

During our daily life, we do lots of things, visit many different places and come across all sorts of people with different energy patterns and vibrations. The public places we visit are packed with various kinds of negative and positive energies, which flow towards us without us being aware of those. The energies stronger than our own energy affect us positively or negatively according to their nature, which in turn… ... read more

Relax Yourself Without Medicines

Today’s competitive life style generates lot of tension and anxiety snatching away the peace of mind. It creates a kind of emotional instability making a person hypersensitive even to small mental pressures and one tends to lose wits a bit too quickly. Such conditions provoke many people to use various means to relax themselves including the tranquilizers. Regular and frequent use of such medicines has its own down side and… ... read more

Reiki Improves Natural Breathing

Breathing is the sign of life. We breathe at all times whether we are conscious of it or not. We cannot survive without breathing for more than few minutes but do we really breathe properly…the way we should?

Have you ever observed a child sleeping? His belly keeps moving up and down in a rhythm but his chest does not. That’s because he is taking deep breaths and his… ... read more