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Understanding Law of Attraction

According to the laws of physics, attraction is for the opposite like the northern end of a magnetic piece attracts the southern end of another piece but repels the northern end but in terms of metaphysics, the Law of Attraction says, "Likes Attract Likes". It relates to our thoughts and means that positive thoughts attract positivity while negative thoughts beget negativity. The results of thoughts depend on how we transmit them to the universe. It is practiced by the students of mind power to achieve goals in life. The introduction of this law in metaphysics in its present shape and application for manifestation sounds new but actually this law has existed and continues to exist ever since the creation of the universe. In this article, I have very briefly tried to explain the basis and how the law works.

When we are awake, our conscious mind continuously keeps generating thoughts, which are always transmitted to the universe and accepted as they are. When specific thoughts are generated by design for a purpose, it is called using the power of subconscious mind. Since the subconscious mind does not rationalize, sift or interpret, the thoughts are transmitted to the universe and accepted without alteration. If the thoughts are negative, the outcome will be negative while positive thoughts bring about positive results. If you can understand this phenomenon, you would know why a person is happy or in trouble. Obviously, no one wants to be in trouble but still gets it due to his incorrect thought pattern. Apparently, a person might be positive but the pattern of his thoughts might be counter productive. For example, saying that "I am healthy" and "I am not sick" apparently mean the same thing but are actually different. The subconscious mind somehow cuts out the word "not" and takes it as "I am sick". Thus the result of both these thoughts will be opposite to each other. That is how the law of attraction works and we reap what we sow in our subconscious mind and that is why in most cases, we are responsible for whatever happens to us in life.

The law of attraction is beneficial when correctly applied using particular techniques exactly like a seed will only grow under suitable conditions. Casual and occasional thoughts with feeble intensity do not result in anything noticeable. It is the persistent thoughts that matter and that is what makes up the technique. Before practicing the law, it is important to understand how the law works followed by regular practice, which is the most essential requirement.

Watch your words. Be careful with repetition of specific words