Reiki for health care training classes in Urdu and English, Reiki Master/Teacher Muhammad Akram Khan in Lahore, Pakistan

Time required for mind power results

The power of your subconscious mind is not like an electric switch that starts a gadget instantly as you push it. Remember that the success always comes slowly and gradually, only the disasters come suddenly. Whatever you ask for would need creation of suitable circumstances to give it a physical or perceivable shape, which obviously will happen over time not instantly. Depending upon what you are aiming at, it might take hours, days, weeks or months before you can see the results. Short term and small objectives are likely to take lesser time while bigger goals would need much longer time to materialize. For example, if you are looking for good sleep just for tonight, one session of few minutes might be sufficient but for cure of a disease, you may have to practice for some time depending on your health condition. Though the size of your objective does not matter for the universe, yet, you need to be patient in certain cases.

The miracles will happen for you only through regular practice of the techniques the teacher guides you through. So be patient, consistent and continue with your practice. Impatience, mistrust and disbelief would rather be counter productive because these are not positive qualities. Let the things happen naturally. Please remember that there is no quick fix in application of law of attraction.