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Learning Mind Power

Basic Concept

Over the past few decades, the subject of using mind power to achieve goals in life has gained immense popularity, which is increasing with every passing day. Many have done commendable work in teaching and guiding those who wish to discover and effectively use the power of their minds for personal development. Out of all those, the names of Joseph Murphy, John Kehoe, Rhonda Byrne (author of the book 'The Secret') and Eckhart Tolle are more commonly known.

Train your mind

Basis of the concept is that human thoughts have lot of power. Whatever a person thinks is transmitted to the universe, which implements the command as it is without sifting and therefore, every human being is responsible for what happens to him/her in life. So, it is your own behavior, conduct and thought pattern that affect you and create positive or negative situations for you. It does not happen that a person does wrong but gets good in return. Many are still skeptical and don't want to believe it. They believe that it is the destiny of a person that governs everything. If that were true, no one should need to work but just sit idle and wait to get everything that he/she is destined to get. The explorers and researchers find their way; the others spend their lives doubting, suspecting, disbelieving and ignoring the realities.

How to Learn Mind Power

Everyone has a mind and the power to use it. The power of subconscious mind is something that every one of us already has. It does not have to be acquired from someone. The purpose of attending a mind power class is to receive guidance on how to discover the power of our own subconscious mind and use the techniques effectively.

There are two ways: you can learn it through your own effort by reading good books on the subject and practice or find a mind power teacher and attend his teaching class. In the first option: firstly, it would take quite long before you can understand the system and apply it correctly and secondly, you would be learning without guidance making mistakes in using the techniques producing opposite results. Mostly you would not even know that you are making mistakes and thus not only waste your valuable time but also face the consequences.

In the second option, that is learning with a teacher is better than self learning. The guidance would keep you on the right track making the achievement of your goals easier. However, a mind power teacher is not a teacher like conventional academic teachers and the class is not a class in the typical sense. There is no mathematical formula in learning or teaching mind power techniques.

Role of mind power teacher

  • The teacher explains the system and how it works. Once you attend the class, you would know that you did not consciously realize what powers you already have.
  • A mind power teacher (or a spiritual teacher so to say) does not give you additional capability or some mysterious power to solve your problems.
  • The teacher guides you in bringing your powers out and then guides you through the ways you can practice your own power and achieve what you want.
  • He does not control your mind.
  • Unlike a Reiki teacher, he does not pass any attunements.

After receiving the guidance, practicing or not would be your own choice.