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Does law of attraction always work?

Understand Law of Attraction is not very simple and easy for everyone. There are skeptics too. They are not sure if it always works. My answer is that it always "works conditionally". If it were so simple, everyone would be a multimillionaire at least and on top of everything that he desires. I attribute the success to two main factors: firstly correct application of techniques and secondly the realistic approach. The first factor does not need much of explanation because it is quite obvious that incorrect techniques never guarantee good results. It is applicable to all matters not just the law of attraction. The second factor however, needs to be understood in its true perspective. Definition of realistic approach might differ from person to person, yet in the context of this topic, I would like to take a few examples.

Nature has its own ways

One can desire for a good house at a location of one's choosing but the location should be realistic. You cannot have anywhere in the universe. No body can have a house on moon because it is not populated by human beings. There is no human life there. OK, this was a bit crude. Let us take few other examples. Manifestation for good health is fine but if a person wants to reverse his/her age and look like a 20 or 25 years old at the age of 60 years, would it be a realistic desire? A poorly educated person starts practicing the law of attraction after retirement and desires to become head of a university department, would it make sense? Probably not! Even if he educates himself to the required standard, rules about experience and age limit wouldn't let it happen. There can be countless such examples that cannot be called realistic by any standard.

So how would it work? When you start practicing the law realistically and regularly using correct techniques, the universe will begin to tune up the circumstances and resources that would go your way. If you wish to have money in abundance, the universe will create the circumstances for that. How that would happen is not your worry; let the universe do it. If you start worrying about how, you are becoming doubtful and ensuring that it does not happen. Remember that “how” is counterproductive. If you have no source, leave it to the universe. The source of flow of money to you will be created by the universal forces and you will have abundant. Improvement of health is yet another case for which you only need to apply the law and do nothing else.

There are many other factors that govern our lives, what we get and how we perform etc. Individual abilities, consistency of effort, conflicting desires, way of thinking, behavior, conduct, intentions and destiny are few among those factors that make the law of attraction work or otherwise. So the answer is not straight or definite yes or no. It is conditional.