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Significance of Attitude and Destiny for Success

Very frequently we see that few out of many in the same profession succeed and lead while others are just the runners. There could be many reasons for this difference, which need a whole book for explanation. Leaving the religion, destiny and fate alone for a while, there are other reasons too.

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Attitude towards life, profession and people around matters more than we generally think. Human behavior is a product of thought pattern and has its own undeniable significance in producing variable results. Faulty thought pattern sends negative messages to the subconscious mind, which in turn, results in negative events. Apparently, one might be courteous, decent, well-behaved and devoted but the actual effects are produced by true thoughts and feelings. For example, a person might be performing efficiently in a job but inside he hates that job. This hidden hatred sends corresponding messages to the subconscious mind, which then works accordingly without sifting or analyzing. Practically, since all the human beings do not and cannot have bookish thought pattern, the difference in results will always be there. Even otherwise, naturally, it is not possible that all human beings have everything similar and equal. There can be only one boss in a company; everyone cannot be the boss at the same time.

Individual capabilities of course vary from person to person; everyone is not equally intelligent with compatible physical abilities to take the hardships, yet, those with positive attitude and character traits are bound to be different and above those with negative attitude. Everyone has justifications for his actions but right is right and wrong is wrong no matter how we try to justify and whether someone likes it or not. Fate and destiny do matter but attributing own follies to destiny is yet another form of negative thought pattern. God never said that you do whatever you like and behave in whatever fashion you wish and that you will still be given everything. Maintaining persistent negative thought pattern and still expecting to reach the top and have every bounty does not go with the law of nature. So review your self and see what is lacking and make it up positively as much as possible. Reiki can also help you in doing so. If you have done everything within your means and capabilities honestly, be sure that what you get will be the best for you.