What is Reiki Attunement?

Everyone is born with Reiki energy but not with the ability to use it consciously at will. This ability is to be personally transferred by a Reiki teacher through a process called attunement. The process is also called empowerment or initiation and is the most important part of Reiki learning/training, which must be done by a living Reiki teacher. One cannot become a Reiki healer without receiving the attunement.

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Attunement is a ritual and an act performed by the Reiki teacher that creates a healer. It is done in a special manner to activate the energy channels and allow Reiki energy to flow through the recipient’s energy system. As soon as the attunement is complete, the recipient becomes a Reiki healer and can begin giving healing sessions. Please remember that attunement is not a healing process. DO NOT EXPECT that all your health issues will get automatically and instantly resolved just by receiving the attunement.

The process of attunement does not require a mysterious atmosphere; no special clothing; no special lighting. No special preparation on the part of the student is required either. All that he/she needs to do is to be mentally ready to receive the empowerment. However, if the student likes a bit of meditation prior to attunement, he may be guided and helped in doing so.

Reiki attunements are permanent in nature, for life time. Once a person is attuned, he/she remains a healer for the rest of the life. The attunements are NOT lost due to general anesthesia or any other health issue.

Health and Happiness!
Muhammad Akram Khan, Reiki Master/Teacher