Stress and its Causes

Stress has been defined by various persons as they understood it. For example:

  • Stress can be defined as negative reaction to unwanted events, circumstances and happenings.
  • It can also be defined as body’s automatic response to any physical or mental demand placed on it.

I define it as the physical and mental discomfort caused by a happening, circumstances or personal thought pattern. It can vary… ... read more

Symptoms of Stress

Physical Symptoms

Mind and body work as one integrated whole; they have direct interrelationship and are affected by each other. If some thing goes wrong with the body, the feelings change accordingly depending upon what is wrong. Similarly, the state of mind affects the body. For example a sudden bad news can immediately lower or raise the blood pressure, cause sinking of heart, begin diarrhea, increase the heart rate, cause… ... read more

Stress Management

There are various levels of stress and many ways to manage and even get rid of it. Whichever method you choose, ultimately it is you, yourself who can get rid of stress. The others can offer suggestions and guidance but implementation remains your part. Some of the ways to manage stress are as under:

  • Review your lifestyle and modify what cause the stress.
  • Find and remove

Stress Management by Changing Personal Thoughts

Stress is the creation of your own mind, which you can manage and get rid of yourself. The stress always has cause(s), most of which lye within us. You should try to find them and eliminate if you can. Finding the cause is the first major step towards stress management followed by its elimination. Stress can be due to external or internal causes that depend on our own thinking… ... read more

Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is not only one of the techniques of creating abundance in life but also an important part of basic etiquette, good manners and decency. Have you ever noticed your feelings when a person just walks away ungratefully after receiving a favor from you? NO? All right, think of it when you come across such a person the next time.

It is not uncommon for any of us to… ... read more

How to be less worried?

Worry and happiness are integral parts of human life; both are inbuilt and are two opposite states of mind. Most of what we do is for happiness and for our survival of course. It is a continuous struggle, but happiness is always short lived as compared to worries. Happiness may come for few minutes, few hours or few days and disappear again. The worries start with beginning of life and… ... read more

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